About the medical center

A medical center “Dobroe Delo” is a private medical institution situated in the center of Omsk city. The center was created to provide highly qualified medical aid and preventive care. 

Health is the main wealth in every people’s life and it is given to us to reach living comfort and welfare. We can help you to save it…

Our medical center practices such services as ultrasonic diagnostics, electrocardiogram, ECG holter, pressure holter, echocardiogram, electroencephalogram, electroneuromyography, vaginoscopy, blood sampling for all types of research, therapeutic massage, consultations of well-qualified subspecialty doctors, medical examinations and etc. There is a modern day hospital based on the medical center with comfortable wards that can help to avoid unnecessary stress during the treatment, and well-wishing and professional staff of the medical center make possible your speedy recovery.

Main advantages of the center


High qualification of doctors

is the main priority of the medical center.



Impeccable quality system of medical services

The control system and quality control is constantly progressed in the medical center, best practice is introduced and patients’ wishes and reviews are taken into account.

Information support of the treatment

A patient obligatory gets all information about a plan and prognosis for a treatment. Results of medical examinations, conducted in our medical center, are explained by a doctor and are handed, but if you wish they can be sent by fax or an e-mail.  



Modern equipment

Our medical center is equipped with the most modern equipment which can help to conduct any kinds of examinations.


Reliable laboratory facilities

They can help to provide any laboratory research, to realize correct diagnostics and to institute an optimal treatment. 


Transparent price policy

A patient knows before a treatment how much he has to pay for a course of necessary examinations and a treatment itself. All money matters are made a reservation with a doctor. We have an opportunity to choose a treatment with the alternative cost.